Voices from European peripheries. Literatures, lost and rediscovered identity (Creative Europe. Call 2016)

The translation project “Voices from European peripheries. Literatures, lost and rediscovered identity”, consists of six volumes written by Authors from Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Georgia, Cyprus, Norway and Turkey. The project aims, through the dissemination of works, to trace and to promote in Italy the issue of the search for identity, in all its facets. Although different in content and languages, the works have common wires and they are voices from European peripheries, talking about memory, lost and rediscovered identity, war and immigration, past and future. The search for identity is told from different perspectives: it is memory, fear, hope, nostalgia, but it is steadily present in all of the works. As well the works express different narrative registers: novel, short stories, letters etc. The chosen works have high literary quality; as well the translators are specialized and professional. The translation, printing and publishing will take place over a set two-year period.

The project wishes to contribute to build bridges for ideas and visions between cultures.

The six volumes that will be publish are the followers:

Accerchiamento by Carl Frode Tiller, trad. by Margherita Podestà (Norvegia 2007) (tit.orig. Innsirkling)
Città della neve by Beqa Qurxul, trad. by Nunu Geladze Fuscoi (Georgia 2013) [tit.orig. Qalaqi tovlsi)
Più calmo dell’acqua (working title) by Berislan Blagojeviv, trad. by Danilo Capasso (Bosnia 2013) (tit. orig. Tisi od vode)
Ho le mie paure (working title) by Scion Özdem, trad. by Anna Lia Proietti (Turchia 2007) (tit.orig. Korku benim sahibim)
Un album di storie (working title) by Antonis Georgiou, trad. by Valentina Gilardi (Cipro 2016) (tit. orig. Alpoum Istories)
Voci nel vento by Grodzana Olujić, trad. by Danilo Capasso (Serbia 2009) [tit. orig. Glasovi u vetru]


Nuove opere (Sillumina. SIAE 2016)

This project aims to publish two books: I giorni dello stupore (working title) by Annalisa Molfetta, a novel that take places in the South of Italy and Della vita il doloroso amore (working title) by Bianca Sorrentino, a short study about myths.

The two proposals received a positive assessment from the evaluation committee and the books will be published at the end of 2017.


Live (Sillumina. SIAE 2016)

In the ‘Live’ project will be organized two national promotional tours of published books in 2017.

For every book twenty meetings with the author will be organized; Soffri ma sogni by Stefano Savella is the autobiography of the champion Pietro Mennea and the meetings will take place in some athletic associations. Cronache di un raggio di luna by Gabriele C. Rosato is a novel and its meetings will be organized in libraries and schools.


Periferie Urbane (Sillumina. SIAE 2016)

This project aims to realize a literature festival in the suburban areas of Bari (Japigia, Fesca, San Girolamo, San Paolo’s neighborhoods) through some different cultural events to adults and young people. The meetings and the readings will be about books and will involve also young writers until 35 years old. The festival will be realized at the end of 2017.